An offering to Srila Prabhupada Nov. 2018

Hari bol! Hari bol! Hari bol!
The glorification starts.
Seated on the stage, like the most beautiful flowers arranged in a bouquet, are Your disciples, Srila Prabhupada, with great enthusiasm to spell out their hearts of the by gone days, of the most auspicious association with Your divine grace.
An array of light flooded the room, filled with knowledge of who You are., making every heart skip a beat, anointing every eye with love of Your divine mercy, spreading joy to every soul present.
As every story of Your Divine Grace, unfolding page by page, through the many mouths of Your disciples, becoming pearls linking together to form a Beautiful Necklace.
Here, I stand on this glorious land of Vrindavan. Glorious it becomes, NOT ONLY because it is a land from the eternal skies, treaded by Lord Sri Krsna and Radha but more so because YOU, Srila Prabhupada, are present till date in the form of Your Samadhi, connecting with every soul visiting You and mercifully blessing us with love of Sri Sri RadhaShyamasunder, Sri Sri Krsna BalaRama and Sri Sri Gaurnitai.
As very beautifully said by Bhaktivinod Thakur – “The Vaishnavas die to live and in living they spread the holy names of Krsna.” So did You, Dear Srila Prabhupada initiate us with the mahamantra – HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE.

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2019 oct Glorification of Srila Prabhupada

Dear Srila Prabhupada
Once again this auspicious day comes when I get an opportunity to make an offering unto Your lotus feet. Although every day of my life time, is less, to Express your qualities and also beyond my insignificant intelligence to understand the infinite qualities of Yours, my dear Srila Prabupada.
I can only, by your mercy, receive the intelligence by which I may speak of Your greatness.
Prabhupada, I know you through your devotees and through the recorded lectures of yours and through Your books.
Everytime I listen to one of your lectures I have to listen to them a minimum of 3 times to jot down the points emphasised and then a 4th time when I hear the same lecture I am able to only relish, a little, of that nectar and essence which flows in every word you speak. So no matter how many times I have to listen to that one lecture I will only relish more and more some new drops of nectar and everytime your lecture feels different and alive to every word. Some new horizon opens, a new dimension explored. Every time I am in awe of that new understanding and I wonder what are you Srila Prabhupada, how do you do it?? How just in that one lecture do you compose so much of knowledge going in and out and back again to where you began. And every thing is so intricately woven, every speech, every word, every aspect of that knowledge which you impart. I feel a thrill run down my spine, I feel you, your greatness in that fraction of a second and i sit for hours in awe of your greatness, tears of joy for having met you for this fraction of a moment in your speech, for having come in contact with your divine grace, and feeling blessed to be receiving such great knowledge in such a simplified way. How do you do it dear Prabhupada??
How do you simplify such profound knowledge of the relationship of the soul and the Supreme person which even great gyanis are unable to understand despite thousands of years of meditation and austerity. I am amazed at the way you have broken down all the barriers of crossing this material nescience in a very simple process and created such a huge wave of devotee community which keeps on growing each and every minute , such is your power by which finally this wave will become so huge that it will engulf the entire universe and one last blow and everyone will so easily without any effort will simply be pushed in this wave into the spiritual skies.

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My understanding of the greatness of Srila Prabuupada

Dear Srila Prabhupada
Since last year I have taken the opportunity to glorify Your Divine Grace on Your appearance and disappearance days. Previous to this I have only listened to Your disciples talking about You. I have known you through Your disciples and through all the various memories written by them or recorded by them. But that is not enough. I have known you more through Your books. I have known you more through Your lectures, the morning walks, conversations, the letters you wrote to your disciples solving various issues. I must say I am indebted to all your disciples who have so nicely made all these available to our generation and for generations to come, else how was it possible for an insignificant person like me to get to know YOU exist !! How would I have ever been so lucky to receive your mercy and guidance and know the goal of human birth. I keep reading your lectures and your books and every time I am only in awe of your greatness. And yet when today I was reading Bhagwad Gita again, I came upon this shloka which I dont know how many times I must have read.. yet this time I was struck with wonder ….

BG 2.29
ascarya-vat pasyati kascid enam
ascarya-vad vadati tathaiva canyah
ascarya-vac cainam anyah srnoti
srutvapy enam veda na caiva kascit
Some look on the soul as amazing, some describe him as amazing, and some hear of him as amazing, while others even after hearing about him, cannot understand him.

And then I was in awe about how wonderfully this shloka described my Srila Prabhupada. My dear Prabhupada.
You are truly amazing and so is your compassion and yet there are those who do not understand you.

You said that krsna is non different from His name, that Krsna is present in the form of name in kaliyuga, and so are you in your books, Srila Prabhupada , and it’s TRUE, every word you say is true to it’s very core. Now when ever I want to meet you I know where to find you – IN YOUR BOOKS, YOUR LECTURES…, and I quickly turn to you. Thankyou Srila Prabhupada for making yourself so easily available. Thankyou for holding my little fingers while I chalk them through your writings and leading me towards devotional sadhana and understanding of my relation to the Supreme lord Sri Krsna.

Guru Govind dohu khade, kake lagu pay
Balihari guru aapne jin govind diyo dikhay.

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Here comes the great saint!
The saint who was proclaimed to be!
The most glorious senapati of the Lord,
Who would spread the names of the Lord,
In all of the villages and towns of the world.

Here comes the great saint,
To touch the hearts of many,
To bring alive the living dead souls,
To bring light into their lives,

Here He comes, His Divine Grace,
With volumes of eternal knowledge,
Enlightening and empowering,
Every insignificant being,
To build an empire, unfathomable!

Here He comes, our dear Master,
Showering an ocean of His mercy,
Distributing prasadam, displaying magic,
Initiating everyone with His expert chants,
Converting the low born to learned Brahmins.

Here He comes, The only One!
To save us from this blazing forest fire,
To raise our consciousness,
From the lower modes beyond goodness,
To transcend us to our eternal spiritual self.

Here He comes, the greatest of all!!
Carrying the message of Sri Chaitanya,
Delivering the lost with love and devotion,
Establishing our true relation with Krsna,
Taking us back to where we belong.

Here He comes, Jaya Jaya Prabhupada!!
Our only hope, Our eternal Guru, Our life!!
Singing and dancing and chanting the mantra,
Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare,
We are on our march to Goloka Dham!

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When will be humans!!

It is very sad that such a wonderful chance of human life given to us is wasted upon living like cats and dogs or even worse. It is very sad to see how media uses every chance to instigate people on basis of caste creed color!! It is very sad that the mob looses its own intelligence and wants to believe what few people want us to think.
On one hand we all read books on positivity, good energy, and even want our children to attract positive energies for their welfare. Yet on another hand the news papers are filled with negative energies and so easily we spread negativity about same like wild-fire.
If everyone concentrated on being first a human than to believe that they are muslim, christian, jews, hindu or black or white, we probably will develop a more healthy environment around us and feel less threatened. Rather than spreading news which will only bring enmity among-st each other media should be used for developing love and harmony among st all. And we as humans, we have been given higher intelligence than animals, so it is our duty to use this intelligence for a higher purpose and not get carried away by few less intelligent people who probably are using their demoniac mentality rather than using their godly mentality.
When will we stop this mob mentality and grow to be humans. When will we help each other become humans. When will we treat each other as humans!!

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Karlo vishwas tum!!

Karlo vishwas tum!!

Hey bhatakte hue prani,

Kaha is sharir ke janjal me fase ho

Apne asli roop ko pahchano.

Kyu soye pade ho?


Jara nazar bhar dekho aur samjho,

Tum wo nahi jo tum samajh rahe ho,

Jin rishto ko apna maan rahe ho,

Wah sab ek brahm hai.

Is sharir ke 6 vikaro se pareshaan hokar,

Vyarth hi apne aap ko dukh ke ghere me lapete hue ho.

Is sharir se judi har vastu aur usase judi har bhavna,

Ek pal ka maana hua sapna, jise tum apna maan baithe ho!

Yah jo ho raha hai,

Yah sab ek khela hai.

Yah sharir matra ek abhinay ke liye mila hai,

Us abhinay me kho jana nahi hai.

Yah sharir maya ka hai,

Jo tumne odha hua hai,

Ab utar bhi do is vastra ko,

Aur nikaljao bahar is abhinay se!!
Wo jo tumhara swarrop hai,

Jisme tum nitya hi anandmay rehte ho,

Paramatma ka ansh hai,

Paramatma ki seva me rehne wala,

Is sharir ko pran dene wala – PRANI !


Kyu soye pade ho?

Ab to jago,

Ya yu hi uljhe rehna hai?

Tadapte rehna hai?

Nadi ke pravah ke saath behte rahna hai?

Kabhi janwar to kabi pakshi to kabhi insaan ke sharir me,

Chaurasi laakh yoniyo me guzarte rehna hai?

Pehchanlo ab is jad vastu ko,

Yah tumhara nahi.

Jo tumhara apna hai,

Wah tumhari rah tak raha hai.

Aao chalo ab thak chuke ho,

Us ke paas jinka tum ansh ho.

Karlo yatan karlo jatan!

Na karo ab tum pagalpan!

Lelo hari ka naam ab tum,

Karlo sweekar apne swaroop ko tum.

Banalo is sharir ko ab apna dhaal tum,

Aur kardo nyochavar usko jiska ansh ho tum!!


Kyu soye pade ho tum?

Dekho, wo taras raha hai tumhare liye,

Jise bhula baithe ho tum!

Mila hai jo tumhe vimaan sharir ka,

Badlo uski disha ko tum,
Karlo vishwas tum.

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We all many times wonder how to surrender and find it very difficult, as we are so attached to sense gratification. Rather we find it impossible to give up these attachments.
The acharyas knowing the power of Lord’s inferior nature to entrap the soul in the material condition, have very meticulously laid down a process by which we can be released from this entanglement. Now this again requires surrender to the Acharya to a certain degree atleast. This surrender comes from the continuous harrassment experienced by the jiva enforced upon by the material nature.

Now sometimes it so happens that the harrassment felt by the jiva might not be very traumatic.. which is why the jiva continues to enjoy the material nature and is engrossed in satisfying the senses. At such a time when the jiva takes upto the sadhna laid down by the acharyas.. they find it difficult to follow it. As the results of sadhana are very subtle and are working towards cleansing the unwanted desires of many life times. This cleansing process depends upon the intensity of the sadhana.

Now the thing is that we are used to getting quick results from our efforts to satisfy the senses. That is our main problem. We want the same to happen when we practice devotional service or the process laid down by the Acharyas.
The process is simple… just chant …. but bcoz we want the results to be quick chanting becomes a difficult procedure. Doubts arise and we make things complicated by using our brains unnecessarily.
Rather than utilising our energy on questions like is chanting enough? Is chanting the only way to become realised? Is chanting really going to take us back home to godhead? Is my chanting offensive? Is my chanting quality?

I would say, first of all- stop expecting results. Results should be treated as byproducts. Main aim should be focussing on chanting. Just as we are told to do our duties and leave or give up the results of our karma to the lord, similarly even have the same attitude for chanting. Dont expect results. Half the battle will be won.
Secondly- donot bother about quality, offenses, quantity, time, place, as these will simply again put hurdle in your consistancy which is most important. So stop using your brains where not required. Meaning have faith in the process.

Dont complicate the process by over analysing. Just do it for the sake of that little faith.

Third, have faith and be patient.

When you have taken up shelter of the Acharya whom you know cannot fail you, if you have this confidence, then just follow blindly.

Life will become simple and the process will no longer seem difficult.

The goal will seem very close and easy to reach.

When the desires are thus purified by regular chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, and the senses no longer disturb the mind, we shall be able to find surrendering easy.

Hare Krsna.

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